Please send us a sample of your work

By David Vilneff

We often hear this from new clients: “we are interested in working with you, please send us a sample of your work.” My question is why?

Link Studios is a production studio. For Link Studios to be of any value to your firm, our work must be indistinguishable from yours. Why else would anyone work with us?

We have been doing this since 2005 and are experts in replicating our customer’s deliverables in CAD or BIM, Architecture or Engineering. This is all we do and 80% of our business is from repeat customers.

We need to know how you set up your drawings, what your naming conventions are, how to set up files, and anything unique that will ensure that we can perfectly duplicate your drawings or models.

Another big issue in sharing a sample of our work is confidentiality. Almost all of the work we do have NDA’s attached, and we will not under any circumstance, compromise this trust. We can’t always send you a sample of exactly what is requested because we are legally obligated to keep the project and project details confidential. Even samples that have been scrubbed of references, may have some distinguishable features that may violate the NDA.

Confidentiality also extends to the practice that is using our service. Some firms don’t want it known that they outsource some of their work. They may feel there is a stigma attached by not managing everything in-house and do not want public disclosure of their name or activities, particularly to potential competitors in the same region.

Additionally, every professional services firm, be it an Architect, Engineer or Designer, has their own way of setting things up. We have yet to see two identical formats, even for projects from separate locations of the same company; every project is different and has its own set of distinctive properties. We have done hundreds of projects and it can be very difficult to find a sample that specifically meets a new prospect’s criteria…type of work, location, etc. Our sample may never look exactly the way you want it.

Our preference is for you to send a sample of your work. By providing us with examples of what you have done (including pertinent information such as lead time), we can quickly assess if we have the capabilities to meet your expectations. This might be a bit of a leap of faith for new clients but please know, we will not commit to anything that is beyond our capability or resources. This is a founding principle of our business and has allowed us to successfully and continually support our customers for more than a decade.

David Vilneff
President, Link Studios