An extension of your practice…

By David Vilneff

Link Studios is a great solution to address the ebbs and flows of project-based assignments and becomes more efficient with ongoing activity. With project business, Link Studios does everything possible to maintain the same team for all your projects, even when work is sporadic.

Where we really shine however, is when we are provided with ongoing work. With continuous engagements, we gain crucial knowledge and a thorough understanding of how each individual and company operates, who to speak to, and what their standards and expectations are. We function as a virtual extension of their office.

This type of relationship can be expanded whereby dedicated Link Studios staff are retained and function as the client’s own employees. They work hourly and provide time sheets at designated intervals. The advantage of this arrangement is for the client to have access to our services when needed (without going through the quoting process) and to control their internal costs. Our rates are substantially less when considering the “fully burdened” costs of adding an employee: overhead, taxes, health care, vacations, management, software, equipment and space.

Some of our established customers do not commit to utilizing dedicated Link Studios staff, opting to share with us their forecasts instead. By being informed of their projections, we can adjust our group to react to any peaks or valleys in activity. Advance notice allows us to assign team members who have previously worked with this client and the retained knowledge speeds up the process when starting a project. We become fully operational day one.

Still, the bulk of our work is project based or periodic assignments. For these, we have also implemented best practices gained from completing hundreds of projects.

For every new assignment, we create an internal data sheet that captures the key facts about how to interact with a client. This information allows us to mobilize faster when a customer comes back to us with work, however we still need some time to reacquaint ourselves with the client and the new project. This can add a day or two to the process but won’t compromise lead times or deliverables. Again, since 2005, this has been the majority of our business.

Dedicated staff, advanced notice forecasting or call us when needed. We’d be honored to assist you.